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As your dedicated social media manager, our team will help build your brand's presence across any platform. This includes helping to grow your followers, posting share-worthy content, promoting your content, increasing your engagement (likes and comments), helping increase your word-of-mouth referrals and more.

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A successful site should be designed around aesthetics and usability. Because good web design has a positive impact on conversion.

With years of experience designing responsive, user-centric websites, our design team builds sites that are both beautiful and successful.


At Okie Designs, we bring smart, strategic, and creative solutions to your brand. Creative branding is our unique point-of-difference through brand identity, package design, and digital marketing.


We believe in PR best practices and traditional PR. And you can rest easy knowing we still do time-tested practices like press releases, pitches and media outreach. We also create experiences and influence buyer decisions based on exceptional public relations solutions.


Okie's marketing consulting services are delivered in a format that serves your commercial objectives.

All services, no matter how large or small, can be customized to fit your turnaround times and your budgeting priorities. This means work can be completed within a fixed scope of work, on a longer, rolling timeline or as a one-off, à la carte complement to other assets in your marketing strategy.

Flexibility and agility are needed in today’s digital landscape, and our consulting department builds projects around this reality.


From business cards and brochures to labels and packaging, we're equipped to handle any job for any business — while living up to your brand standards.


We are a promotional product distributor. Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly $17 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like TV, magazines and the Internet.  To browse our product lines, Click here.


Custom branding doesn't stop with a business card, it includes what you wear.  From ball teams to the executive board room, Okie Designs has apparel that will fit your needs.  Hats, shirts, coats, wovens, knits and more can be screenprinted and embroidered. 

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